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President Plumbing Solutions utilises the very latest equipment to clear blocked drains, sewer and storm water blockages in and around the Hills District. With our modern equipment and techniques, we can usually clear any blockage without the need to excavate.


Our equipment:

High Pressure Water Jet
Our high pressure water jet blasts water along the blocked stormwater or sewer line, which breaks away the root growth, as well as flushing out the line.

We suggest clearing your sewer and stormwater lines regularly. Every 6-12 months is recommended in areas of high tree growth to prevent the build up of damaging tree roots.


CCTV Camera
Once a sewer or stormwater line has been used to clear the debris, a CCTV camera is used to inspect the cause of the blockage. This helps establish the best and most cost effective course of action.

Pipe Locator

If the blockage is serious and requires excavation, our pipe locator is used to accurately locate the problem area. This keeps any digging ar excavation work to a minimum, saving expense, mess and costly garden restoration.


Our equipment, techniques and experience means we can clear blocked drains in around the Hills District quickly and effectively - saving money and hassles.


For more information about our drain clearing services, call Chris on 0404 380 380 or send us an email by clicking here.